Car Salespersons Guide to Controlling the Sale

Keeping control of a conversation and presentation is a key element in sales. Allowing a customer to take control of the conversation is a sure way to loss a sale. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of allowing your customer to have control. Instead, learn to cleverly steer and control conversations and presentations to retain control, generate excitement and make the sale. stanovi za izdavanje

Car Selling Tip One: Prepare and Practice

It seems like a cliché, but get in front of the mirror and practice. Practice answers to every question you can imagine. You want to have the answer to everything a customer asks right on the tip of your tongue. The best way to do this is to prepare with research and to practice. When you know you can answer any question without thinking, you are ready to present to customers without losing control of the conversation. Prepare and practice for control.

Car Selling Tip Two: Policy Schmolisy

A sure way to lose control of a sale is to tie your own hands by telling a customer you need to follow policy. While policies are put in place to ensure that a sale goes smoothly, your customer isn’t interested in the inner workings of your place of employment. When running up against a policy obstacle find a way around it and never mention it to the client. If your policy states you must have your manager’s approval on a trade in prior to discussing pricing try saying “let’s take a spin in the car you are interested in while and give Jim a chance to catch up with us.” You do not need to tell them everything!

Car Selling Tip Three: The Who, What, Where and Why of it

With questions comes control. Be on the offensive by leading the conversation with questions. Don’t allow yourself to lose control by getting hammered with questions. Instead take control by asking specific questions of your customer that will help you close the sale. He who asks has control.

Control of a conversation or presentation is vital if you want to close a sale. It’s dangerous to let your customer control the conversation by asking all the questions. It’s important to learn to steer the conversation in the direction you want. Spend a lot of time prepping and practicing for your presentations. Being in the know will help you keep control. Don’t overload your customer with policy details. They don’t want to know and informing them of all policies will tie your hands. Finally, be sure to keep control by being the one doing the questioning, not the answering. Learning to keep control of a conversation will help you increase your sales.

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